11/17/2004 04:24:00 PM|||Kurt|||Commenter Icaros (who gets the honor of being the first commenter here, and with that a lifetime supply of Rice-A-Roni) asked about the name of this site down below. Then, my sports-knowledgeable wife asked me the same question: Don't the Lakers wear purple not blue? I only had to be hit in the head a couple times before dawned on me that some Laker fans who come here may not be familiar with the phrase "Forum blue and gold." It is a reference to the late, great Chick Hearn, who, back when the team played at the Fabulous Forum, used to refer to the home uniform colors as "Forum blue and gold." I, at first, also was a little confused. But like just about all Chick's odd quirks and sayings, the term grew on me (and many Laker fans) as time went on. I'm not sure what prompted him to first give the Laker colors those names -- if anyone knows please share. That said, it seemed fitting to give the site a name that was in part an homage to Chick. Update: (I am going to paraphrase commenter Jon, whose post was loss in a changeover of comment systems.) This may be a bit of an urban legend, but apparently the following is the story that Lynn Shackelford told on the air a quarter of a century ago to explain the "Forum blue" color: Former Laker owner Jack Kent Cooke loved the color purple but, for whatever reason, refused to say that was the color he liked. He called it blue. So, to deal with the problem that the uniforms were clearly purple but the owner didn't want it called that, Chick Hearn (or maybe Cooke himself) came up with calling the Laker purple "Forum blue." And it stuck. (Note, a change in commenting format caused this and some other comments from early posts to be lost, but this was important enough I thought it deserved a recap.) Update 2: This is from commenter gatinho, who quotes Mark Heisler's book on the Lakers: Heisler says that Jack kent Cooke called it that, not Chick. (Chick and Cooke also fought over who called it the "Fabulous Forum" first, as well.) He changed the color to purple, "forum blue", when he bought the team and built the Forum. The blue is obviously from the Minneapolis days and early LA days. Witness the Lakes wearing the powder blue '56 uni's this season. I also faintly remember Chick referring to the colors as "forum blue and championship gold", not purple and yellow.|||110073748189828035|||Forum Blue?