11/23/2004 09:35:00 AM|||Kurt|||Just a few quick thoughts on a Tuesday for me that is so busy I don't think I'll get home from work in time to catch the fourth quarter: * In the past two games the Lakers have taken 49 three-point attempts. In their past two games, the team most people consider to be three-point happy -- the Seattle Supersonics -- have taken 42. In those two games the Lakers have hit more than half of their threes, but teams that live by the three die by the three. They can't fall in love with it and be successful long term. * Everyone is talking about the Lakers early tendency to blow leads -- double-digit leads against New Orleans (33), Orlando (18), Houston (22), Phoenix (17) and Chicago (12) all evaporated into close games or losses. During the past several years we grew used to watching a veteran, playoff-hardened team that new how to close games out. Now, we're watching a younger team still trying to get to know one another. As they grow more experienced and comfortable together, I think this trend will disappear. * Is Kobe's foot affecting his play? In the past three games he has shot 40.8% in the past three games (29 of 71). That's just slightly above his season average of 39.5%. He's played 45 minutes in each of those games, slightly up from his 42.3 minutes per game average this season. * Great thoughts from Laker legend George Miken, talking about the melee at the Pistons/Pacers game last weekend. He said fans throwing things at players is nothing new, but you have to be mature enough to walk away:
"(Fans) used to throw things at me," Mikan said Monday. "Once, in Rochester (N.Y.), they threw a knife at me. It had to have been four, five inches long. It missed me and stuck in the floor. Those fans weren't happy with me." Mikan, who resides in Scottsdale, Ariz., where he undergoes regular kidney dialysis, watches the NBA closely. "That wasn't good thinking on their part," he said of Indiana players who went into the stands after fans with fists flying. "I'm sorry it happened. It's not a good picture for basketball and the NBA."
* Note that made me laugh, from Supersonics Soul:
The Pistons get into a huge on-court fight with Indiana, it spills out onto the crowd, the game is ended prematurely, a guy gets suspended for the season, four others get suspended for lengthy terms, ... and Rasheed Wallace didn't have anything to do with it.
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