11/10/2004 09:14:00 AM|||Kurt|||Welcome to my attempt at keeping personal sanity in the midst of the swirling vortex of controversy that is the Lakers. Honestly, sanity through a chance to vent is the core of why I chose start a Lakers blog. I am doing this for me and, if you like it here, you are welcome to come back, read, comment and be a part of it. I have no delusions of grandure here, no alterior motive. This is not my first sports blog, some of you may have stopped by Arrive in the Third, Leave After Seven, which was a general LA sports blog (with heavy Dodger content). While I enjoyed writing that, I noticed that the best sports blogs (Dodger Thoughts, for example) are focused on one sport or concpet. The Lakers were a natural selection for me. I grew up in LA and have been a Laker fan since my parents took me to games in the Bob Uecker seats at the very top of the old Forum. While I've never been able to afford season tickets, I have been there for some of the best moments in Laker history -- such as Magic Johnson's first comeback game (1995), and the 2000 game seven against Portland (the 15-point fourth quarter comeback). This blog is also an attempt to be a rational and calm voice in a world of screaming idiots on talk radio. There should be a place Laker fans can read and -- through the comment section -- discuss things Lakers rationally. Be warned I believe a bit in the "Moneyball" approach to basketball -- I beleive in statistics and observation more than gut feel (the challenges with a statistical approach in a younger and younger league is a topic for another day). What you will not see is posts or discussions about off the court problems, or to put a finer point on it, there will be no discussion of the Kobe rape case. That means in my posts or allowed in the comments. The only and rare exeptions may be a discussion of the impact of off-the-court problems on the court for Kobe or others. So, lets get this thing started. I hope you enjoy this as much as I do.|||110010684344826724|||Tip-Off