12/06/2004 02:58:00 PM|||Kurt|||It's official -- Kareem Rush is no longer a Laker. In his place, at least in the short term, that roster spot will be filled by Tony Bobbit, who tore up the summer league in Long Beach and was the last cut from this year's roster, although he isn't considered a long-term solution for the team (Bobbit would like to prove that wrong). For Rush, the Lakers were able to get two future second round draft picks from Charlotte, which is not thrilling but better than the nothing we would have gotten at the end of the season when he left as a free agent. Second round picks can be a bit hit and miss: You may get a Luke Walton, but remember that at the end of last season only six second round picks from Walton's class remained on an NBA roster (half never even played in the NBA, such as this year's Laker second rounder Marcus Douthit). Rush will get plenty playing time with the Bobcats -- he may even start if he can get his game back to last season's level -- plus can play his way onto a roster next year. Bobbit, out of the University of Cincinnati, plays good defense and is a solid spot-up shooter. However, he isn't quick enough to cover a point guard, which is what the Lakers really need. Bobbit and Tierre Brown do not have guaranteed contracts (until Jan. 10 anyway) so they would be the odd-men out if a trade is made or if Karl Malone returns. One also likely will end up on the IR (or cut) when Devean George returns from the IR in the next couple of weeks. Update: If you want to read more on the future of Mr. Rush, check out this post at NBA Weblogs about the paths he could take.|||110237393617878131|||Kobe's Got A Brand New Backup