1/21/2005 11:29:00 AM|||Kurt|||For those of you who have been lusting — or if that's too strong a word, lets say drooling — over the prospect of Carlos Arroyo in a Laker uniform, you're dreams are not coming true. Same with those dreams about Eva Longoria, but that's a different matter. As first rumored by Peter Vecsey in the New York Post today Arroyo has been traded to Detroit in a swap for Elden Campbell and a first-round pick. This isn't a surprise, Utah wanted both a big guy to grab boards and get rebounds in the paint, plus some cap flexibility, and they get that. At first glance this deal gives the Pistons some depth at the point, but not having Campbell to body up and foul Shaq in the playoffs may come back to haunt Detroit. I think Mitch would like to make a trade for a point, maybe a four, but there just are not good options out there for him.|||110633574172247656|||Carlos Arroyo Not Coming West