1/10/2005 11:52:00 AM|||Kurt|||As of today (although it was made official over the weekend), the contracts of Tierre Brown and Tony Bobbitt became guaranteed for the season. Both are at the league minimum, so while it may be no big deal for the team's payroll structure, it is a big deal for them. And, frankly, Brown has earned the paychecks despite my calling for a reduction in his playing time. (No offense meant to Bobbit there, he hasn't been given a chance to earn his.) Brown is averaging 13.6 minutes, 4 points and 2,2 assists per game, at times looking brilliant and at others like a rookie. He has the worst eFG% on the team, 39.1%, but has the highest pure point guard rating of anyone who has played significant minutes (still an unimpressive 3.6). Assist and turnover ratio numbers show that he can run the offense, but his shooting and inconsistency is the reason his PER is 8.94. The bottom line, he's not a bad backup but he's not the future (hence my calls to see more of Sasha). Bobbit has yet to get off the IR, and will not until someone takes his place on that roster. His play in the summer league may have some thinking of him as a player who can develop into something, but until he sees the court we'll never know.|||110538675863714910|||Welcome Aboard