2/12/2005 10:17:00 AM|||Kurt|||Interesting interview with Tex Winter on NBA.com (done by Rob Peterson). Winter talked about a few things, including efforts to alter the offense under Hamblen.
I think if Hamblen had a chance and time [to change their strategy], he would. I think even now, he may implement certain phases of the old Lakers offense, but right now it's a question of time. He also knows the game well enough to know that you can't make a whole lot of changes midstream. You have little time to teach and make a system function. So, consequently, I think he's relying more on the pro sets and the individual talents and matchups, which he understands.
He also said it is good Kobe has gone on this road trip with the team, even if he doesn't play.
I think he can learn the importance of team play, ball movement and not just relying on one individual and that everyone has to act. Everybody has to play their role, whatever it is. It's a team game and I think Kobe knows that, but because of his great individual talent, oftentimes he'll forget and try to do too much.
There's also more about Kobe growing into a leadership role and on Phil Jackson coming back (he said if Phil is healthy he wouldn't be surprised). Read it for yourself, it's well worth the time.|||110823283610979954|||Tex Winter Talks