2/16/2005 03:48:00 PM|||Kurt|||In what can be only described a pathetic situation, the NHL called off its season today. The owners and players could not agree on what life-saving measures to give a very sick patient, and in doing so moved him closer to death. The NBA’s collective bargaining agreement runs out on June 30 (it was just extended one year to cover this season last year). Little negotiation has taken place, at least little that would draw public attention. Issues likely will involve the owners’ desires to have contracts no longer than four years (currently it is seven) and the players’ desire to have an independent person to appeal fines and suspensions (currently those things are appealed to the commissioner, out of whose office the original ruling came). To those involved in the negotiations: Look at what is happening over in the NHL, then put your egos aside and figure out a compromise. A lockout/strike because owners and players can’t figure out how to divide up million of dollars would be a massive step back for a league just starting to find its footing again (post-Jordan). Just like the NHL will discover, your fans can find other things to do/watch/cheer. |||110859773027072068|||Watch And Learn