3/30/2005 12:44:00 PM|||Kurt|||The Los Angeles Times is reporting today that Paul Sunderland may be let go at the end of the season as the Lakers’ television play-by-play voice. Benmaller.com has added he has heard that radio play-by-play guy Joel Meyers is the frontrunner to fill the seat if Sunderland is released. I’m pretty neutral on Sunderland. He had the impossible task of taking over for Chick Hearn and has done a decent job, but he is fairly unremarkable. Personally, I think the radio team of Meyers and Mychal Thompson are much better than Sunderland and Stu Lantz. Do other people have strong feelings about Sunderland one way or the other? My first thoughts on any change are: 1) Whoever they bring in needs to be top flight; 2) That person should get a long-term deal.|||111221573079754563|||Sunderland Gone?