3/18/2005 05:57:00 PM|||Kurt|||When the Lakers moved to Staples, I knew I'd miss the intimacy of the Forum, even though I understood the economic necessity of the move. Well, this move from Blogger's hosting service to my own URL is sort of like that, except that I plan to keep the intimacy and there were no economic forces at work. So really, it was nothing like that, but it was time for the move anyway. While the site has only been up for a little over four months, people are finding it — the volume of readers here has steadily picked up over time (and to answer gatinho's question, the big spike was around the trade deadline but readership has been on a steady rise while the team has been on a steady fall). There's a lot of fun ahead of us — the draft, summer pro league in Long Beach (which I will attend) and more. I really appreciate those of you who come here and are part of the community. Thanks. I look forward to the future.|||111119858962530783|||Welcome