4/28/2005 12:24:00 PM|||Kurt|||There ain’t no Carnival like a playoff Carnival. The Carnival of NBA blogs has made a stop in Los Angeles, where the Staples Center sits as empty as Jennifer Aniston’s heart. If you don’t know what a carnival is read this (from Matt at Bulls Blog, who started the traveling roadshow), otherwise come along for the First Round playoff edition of the Carnival. Out East, Crazy from the Heat is enjoying thrashing New Jersey and thinks a Little League-style mercy rule should be evoked before game three. He’s got a point — if you can’t stop Zo how you gonna stop a now-motivated Shaq? Also look for a big stats-based post on the site in the next couple of days about the Heat. The other thrashing out East is Detroit over Philadelphia and that makes the Piston bloggers happy. While Knickerblogger may not have his horse in this year’s race, he likes Detroit and the Heat to battle it out in the Eastern Finals. Jeff and his legions of commenters at Celtics Blog want to know where was Al Jefferson and the rest of the bench during game two? Good question. That said, game three is tonight and the words of the day for Celtic fans are ”don’t panic.”Meanwhile, the Pacer Nation is loving the last magical days of Reggie Miller. After too long an absence, Bulls Blog is not only enjoying returning the playoffs but winning — just like the good old days. In the West, Spurs Blog thinks everything is right with the world now that the series is even. A second loss and the sun may have set in the east. As you might expect, Nugget fans and bloggers are now the ones concerned. The people over at Supersonics vs. The World want to know what has gotten into Jerome James? The good people at Supersonics Soul think they have the answer. The bigger question in Seattle is what has gotten into Radmanovic’s hair? Not everybody made the playoffs and that means plenty of non-playoff talk is out there on the Web. Everybody loves playing with bubblewrap, including the people at Hornets 24/7 who are looking back at the best quotes about the team during the year. (Warning, this may not be up until Friday, but it’s worth checking back for.) Scott at Raptorblog feels like the more things change the more they stay the same. Father Knickerbocker is is rehashing the Knicks season in detail. The Timberwolves Blog is checking out the playoffs. And Golden State blog The City can’t wait for next year’s playoffs to start because they think Barron can lead them to the promised land.|||111471655816368907|||Carnival of the NBA