4/01/2005 09:18:00 AM|||Kurt|||Legendary Laker Magic Johnson is making a comeback as a player for the rest of this season, Forumblueandgold.com has learned from a series of exclusive interviews at Staples Center last night. With the team struggling and attendance down, the proud organization is reaching into its past to help guide this team in the future. At 6’9” and a whole lot more pounds than he played at in the 1980s, Magic is going to step in as the power forward the Lakers have needed this season. In an exclusive interview in a luxury box above the game last night, Magic said he could still play. “I was telling Chuck and Kenny the other night I could still grab some boards in this league and that’s when it hit me — this team needs me,” Magic said. “I’m going to need a bigger uniform than I used to — maybe that one hanging up there on the wall — but aside that I’m ready to go. I’m already better than Brian Grant.” More than just on the court, Magic said he thought he could help this revamped Laker team gel into a cohesive unit. “I’m taking them all out so we can bond like a team. First we’re going to all go eat at my TGI Fridays. Then, we’re going to my theaters to see a movie. It’s hard though man, it’s all a negotiation with these guys now. I thought we should all go see “Ring Two” but it turns out Kobe’s still really sensitive about the ring thing. Maybe we’ll just see “Beauty Shop.” Jeannie Buss tied Magic’s comeback into the only thing she talks about — Phil Jackson. “I think this helps us get Phil back,” she said. “He wants a coaching challenge and I was worried because he’s already coached Kobe and they’re looking for someone to coach LeBron. But Phil’s never coached Magic — and Phil’s no Paul Westhead so Magic can’t run him off. I think this means he’ll come back. Please tell me he’s coming back. Please?” More details from the official press conference later today when they are available.|||111237615504589777|||Exclusive: Magic Johnson To Make Comeback