4/15/2005 09:47:00 AM|||Kurt|||Next fall, when we turn on Laker television broadcast’s with a renewed sense of hope, whose voice is going to greet us? Not Paul Sunderland. The reliable Bob Kaiser in the Long Beach Press Telegram reports that Sunderland is out. Does that mean Joel Meyers moves up from radio to television? The LA Times has reported he’s lobbied for the job, but he also appears to be up for the gig as the San Diego Charger’s play-by-play voice. (Hey Clipper fans, so is Ted Leitner. By the way, I found that link at Ben Maller's site.) Meyers did both college and pro football broadcasts — including Sunday Night pro games — around his Laker schedule this past season. Kaiser is reporting that Laker brass is looking at more than just Meyers. This is a prime gig and I’m sure some big names will be interested. I’ll miss Sunderland, who was solid if not spectacular — he stepped into an impossible situation in the wake of losing Chick Hearn and did so admirably.|||111358392405831106|||Sunderland Out. Who Is In?