4/28/2005 10:19:00 AM|||Kurt|||Two stories worth reading to pass along, although both completely different. The first is the latest piece by Eric Pincus at Hoopsworld. He says that Phil is likely and there are several trade possibilities discussed.
Jonathan Bender and the 17th pick have been rumored to be on their way to LA for Devean George and either Slava Medvedenko or Brian Cook. What’s not clear is the picks LA has to send in return. LA probably sends over the 2007 1st round pick, but that's speculation.
The Hoopsworld piece also talks mock draft and has the Lakers taking Jerrett Jack, the point guard out of Georgia Tech at 10. Personally, the way his draft broke, I would have preferred Fran Vasquez. That said, I still say all trade and draft talk is premature until a coach is signed on the dotted line — we need a team philosophy first, then we can get players to fit it. Second, very interesting and disturbing story I found through Ben Maller, about youth basketballl:
Clark Francis, publisher of The Hoop Scoop, a Louisville, Ky.-based scouting service that has pushed the envelope on ranking young players, last spring pushed it to its lowest point yet: fourth-graders. Kevin Ferrell, then a 10-year-old, 4-foot-10-inch point guard from Lakeside Elementary in Warren Township, has a crossover dribble, can hit a running jumper in the lane and snaps off one-handed bounce passes that hit teammates in stride. He topped Francis' national list. And soon the pressure began.
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