4/02/2005 12:43:00 PM|||Kurt|||I'm going to spend the weekend in front of a computer, but not working on this site as I am swamped with paying work. So, rather than a traditional game previews (it's really pretty simple anyway, the only way the Lakers are going to win is to outscore their opponents) let me offer some suggested reading. If you want to get an idea of just some of what Dean Oliver — the preeminent NBA stat man — brings to the table for the Sonics, check out his latest column at 82games.com. Oliver invented an artificial intelligence program that analyzes stats of a team and picks out weaknesses. My other suggestion is not basketball related but it is a LA blogging coup — Jon at Dodger Thoughts has interviewed the team's general manager, Paul DePodesta. While the mainstream LA media plays up the Dodger paranoia ("all he cares about is his computer") Jon gives a well rounded piece that talks stats and Beltre. A must read if you like the Dodgers, and an impressive get for the best of the LA sports bloggers.|||111247515637654629|||Weekend Reading