6/21/2005 05:38:00 PM|||Kurt|||I’d invite you all down to Redondo Beach, but then I’d have to clean up all my daughter’s toys in the living room and that’s just not going to happen. So, instead the goal is to have a live running commentary thread on the entire NBA Draft night here at FB&G. I had thought about keeping a live running blog going, but that lacks the interaction I’m hoping for. So, we’re going to do it in the comment threads — basically, this should look like a Dodger Thoughts game thread (not that we’re going to reach 30 posts, let alone 300, but that’s the idea). Not only will we talk about the Lakers picks but also we’ll mock whoever takes Bogut, bitch about the Bill Walton and more. So, here’s your chance to be a real quality geek (along with me), watching television and commenting on it on the Internet at the same time. I’ll open a thread next Tuesday (June 28), but I want you to be aware, give your wife/girlfriend money to go to the movies with her friends and clear out your schedule.|||111940069997149524|||Draft Party at My Place