6/28/2005 02:13:00 PM|||Kurt|||With the 10th pick the Lakers passed over the heralded Gerald Green for Andrew Bynum, a 7-0, 300 pound high school kid who, if he had gone to UConn may have been the number one pick next year. That said, he's a project, raw but with a big potential payoff. Read an interview with him here. Come into the comments and talk about it. -------------- We've got a sweet little party set up here — there's beer in the fridge, wings are set out and I even went to the cheese shop to get a nice assortment. Make yourself at home. The draft is about to get underway and there will be a running comentary in the comment thread below, just click on it and join in. Everyone is welcome, even Clipper fans. I will post any news updates on this part of the site as well. • The first big trade of the day was Portland sending the third pick overall to Utah for the sixth and 27th picks, plus a conditional first round pick next year. I think Portland may win out in that deal.|||111999351390670499|||Draft Party: Going Big and Young