6/03/2005 02:09:00 PM|||Kurt|||For the record — I did not shoot Biggie Smalls, the LAPD was just trying to frame me. Now, on to some basketball thoughts. • Let me start out bragging, I think I am the Michael Jordan Mattel Classic Basketball. Sure, there are far more modern hoops video games complete with Amare Stoudemire’s 360 dunks of flaming basketballs, but I’ve been hooked on the Mattel game since I was in elementary school — where my friend John and I played all the way through recess ever day. I hadn’t seen the game in years but got a re-release as a gift from my brother last Christmas and I’m hooked again. I can make the little red LED light drive the lane like Kobe with the clock running down — I am unstoppable. There needs to be a world championship for this. • According to Larry Stewart at the LA Times, Joel Meyers is the new TV voice for Lakers. Hopefully he’ll have a more interesting season to call than the ousted Paul Sunderland did last year. • Whether you're optimistic about the Lakers this summer or pessimistic, Eric Pincus has a piece up at Hoopsworld that backs you up. This is the usual gret work from Eric, it will get you up to date on all the rumors out there. • Two potential Laker draft picks, international forwards Fran Vasquez and Tiago Splitter faced each other in a recent game and Draft City has the play-by-play. Not a lot there but what is basically confirms the existing rumors — Vasquez can come in now and play (with good defense and rebounding) but Splitter has more potential. Other reports out of the European playoffs rave about Vasquez. More and more mock drafts have Vasquez gone before the Lakers draft at 10. • Including the Hoopsworld piece above a couple of stories now have the Lakers looking to trade up in the draft. While a number of scenarios are out there, the only one that makes sense to me is trading Caron Butler and the 10 to New Orleans for the 4th overall pick. I don’t love it but if they can get Chris Paul the Lakers will have the point guard of their future, so it may be worth it (it’s going to be hard to resign Butler at the end of the year and if he’s gone we need to get something for him, and the Hornets need a three). This trade wouldn’t happen until draft day — if Bogut or Williams fall to them New Orleans isn’t giving up that pick. • Shaq, good on ya. • Looks like expected #1 pick Andrew Bogut and Kobe won’t be having a couple beers together soon:
Bogut was asked for specifics of the American attitude toward the game, what he does not like. Guess who's name came up? "There's no one I really hate, but Kobe [Bryant] had a demeanor of being very cocky," he said. "What happened with Shaq. . . . If I had a chance to play with Shaq or Tim, if they told me to buy them groceries, I don't care, I buy them groceries. It's a gift to play with somebody like that. Kobe is probably one of the guys that, everybody knows it, he's got that cocky arrogance to him, everything has to surround around him the whole time.
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