6/15/2005 04:46:00 PM|||Kurt|||Since Phil was hired everyone and their cousin has thrown in their two cents (my pennies included). Here are some of my favorites comments (some with of my opinions thrown in because I couldn’t resist) plus an assortment of other links and thoughts. I have more change to throw in by the way on what Phil means, particularly about roster moves, and that begins with a post tomorrow (I’m working on it, but “the man” keeps expecting me to work for him, too). • First, take a break from all the Phil talk: Dr. J penned an article on his finals match up with the Lakers 25 years ago, when Magic burst into the national consciousness. This is a must read. I can’t thank Dan enough for sending me the link (the Sports Guy has it up too).
The series began pretty evenly, with my personal highlight being in the fourth quarter of Game Four, with us trailing 2-1 in the series. In what's now become a pretty well-documented move, I drove baseline, elevated, reached back behind the backboard with the ball and emerged on the opposite side of the basket to convert the layup. We ended up with a 105-102 win to tie the series, and our confidence was riding high.
• I’ve come to expect stuff I love from Eric Neel, and since he’s a Laker fan he didn’t disappoint with his ESPN.com Page 2 piece on Phil. • Tim Brown’s piece in the LA Times reminded me why I miss having him on the Laker beat (with all due respect to Brenham, who has been solid). Brown’s years with the team and good writing gave his coverage depth others lacked. • Ripping ESPN’s Chad Ford is like beating on a piñata without candy inside — it’s easy and not very rewarding. That said, I couldn’t resist when his first piece on the Phil hiring, written while in Italy, is speculation on when the Lakers will trade Kobe. I’d say he wins the Chad Ford Award for Irresponsible Sports Reporting — publishing the speculation of scouts on another continent — but I’ve already named the award after him.
I doubt Kobe gets moved this summer. Buss has invested too much in Kobe to dump him this early. But with Jackson back in the saddle in L.A., the chances that Kobe stays in L.A. long term don't look very good.
Lamar Odom has great calves. • Did you know the NBA Finals are still going on despite Phil’s hiring? Duncan was atrocious in game three, a -24 on the night (the Spurs best runs came with him on the bench), while the Pistons backcourt of Billups and Hamilton stepped up. Here’s the question for game four — was Duncan just off or did the Pistons get to him? I’ll put my money on Duncan and the Spurs bouncing back, but it should be interesting. I’m actually enjoying this series, believe it or not. • I find this site oddly fascinating. People send in anonymous postcards of their most personal secrets.|||111887921574434866|||The Good, The Bad and the Ugly