6/16/2005 09:41:00 AM|||Kurt|||This morning in my inbox were a couple more things worth directing your attention to. One is at one of the top NBA blogs out there — Bulls Blog — taking a look back at what Phil Jackson did for that franchise. It includes interesting comments from the author of The Jordan Rules about Phil's return.
This could be something of a rebirth for Jackson. Before those nine championships with the Bulls and Lakers and his record number of playoff victories, Jackson was a coach, not a Zenmaster. He loved the CBA, loved coaching in Puerto Rico. He long has savored that 1993-94 Bulls season when Jordan first left and the Bulls won 55 games. Yes, he would like that 10th title, but he's not really a philosopher and professor.
The other is the latest Carnival of the NBA, which is up over at the very good End of the Bench. There are people talking about other things than Phil, believe it or not.|||111894012956932547|||More Reading