8/05/2005 11:26:00 AM|||Kurt|||Roster talk, and not just the Laker roster: • Smush Parker and Von Wafer have been signed to non-guaranteed contracts. They will get their chance at training camp, which is all they really could ask for. Before you ask, Smush signed a two-year deal but it is not guaranteed until he makes the team and sticks on the roster past January 15 (I’m not positive about the date, but it’s the middle of January). • So, assuming the Lakers sign Derek Anderson, what does the 15-man roster look like right now: PG Anderson/Sasha/Parker SG Kobe/Walton/ Proffit SF Odom/J.Jones/George PF Brown/Slava/Cook C Mihm/??/Bynum NDBL Von Wafer A few notes here, starting with this is obviously early and trades or signings could change things. Also, I balanced this out (three per position) more than it will be in practice, I think. For example, Sasha may play back up two, Walton more three than two, but in the triangle the positions are a little more flexible than a traditional offense. The rotation will shake out during camp. The question mark at back up center can be filled one of three ways: 1) Vlade stays with the team for one year; 2) The Lakers keep Brian Grant; 3) They sign someone for the LLE. A fourth option would be a trade. Decent bigs are hard to get, even backup ones. While there are 15 on the roster, only 12 sit on the bench and the new CBA goes away from the fake “injured reserve” and into a system more like the NHL — three guys will not dress each game. If I had to guess, and everyone was healthy, I’d bet Parker, Proffit and maybe Cook or Bynum don’t suit up. The reason I have Proffit on the roster and Wafer in the NDBL is only because Proffit’s contract is guaranteed this year, Wafer’s is not. Wafer can be sent down, Proffit has been in the league too long. • I’m excited about Jeremy Roenick joining the LA Kings. However, I wish the real Roenick had the skills of the NHLPA Hockey 93 video game Roenick. • From the APBR message boards: Chris Mihm was tied for 19th in the league committing goaltending 7 times last year. The top three: Pryzbilla 38, Dalembert 34 and Garnett 20. For comparison, Duncan had zero. • If I could have any job in the world, I would want Phil Keoghan’s.|||112326643561256818|||Fast Break: