8/12/2005 12:44:00 AM|||Kurt|||While I’m throwing my back out today moving furniture (and without internet access the rest of the weekend) here are some things worth reading: Eric Pincus has a story up at Hoopsworld about where the Lakers stand, the off-season moves made and looking at who’s left on the market — and it isn’t pretty:
As constructed, the Lakers are not a very good team. They have some good components and a lot of upside, but ultimately little on the bench, inconsistent power players and a gaping hole at the point.
If you have a raw big man you are looking to polish — and the Lakers do — is there a better person to bring in than maybe the best center ever to play the game? If you want to get a better understanding of the stats I use on this site — the ones you find at places like 82games.com or the Knickerblogger stats page — then check out this piece I wrote for Father Knickerbocker. Trust me, I’m not that bright — if I can understand this stuff, you can too. Thanks to Larry for giving me the space.|||112383269547951129|||Worthwhile Reading