9/04/2005 11:17:00 PM|||Kurt|||Shouldn’t you be out at a barbeque right now? Enjoying the last days of summer rather than being in front of a computer? Well, for those who stopped by, thanks for coming, but there is little Laker news to report. Here are a couple things: • The Lakers have hired Kareem Abdul-Jabbar as a “special assistant coach,” which is a fancy way of saying a mentor and tutor for Andrew Bynum. It’s a good choice — Kareem’s fundamentals were always solid, a sign of good coaching. Hopefully he can pass that along. • Interesting comment over at Hoopsanalyst about the Aaron McKie pick up:
On the one hand, McKie’s career is basically at that same point that Ron Harper’s was when Jackson embraced playing him in place of an actual point guard back in 1995-96. But McKie has always been a bit more lumbering as a guard than Harper was and it’s possible that he won’t have the same cache with Jackson (remember Jackson buried Mitch Richmond on the bench in 2001-02). I don’t know how this will turn out, but I’m suggesting it’s more possible than you might initially think that McKie could find himself buried on the bench.
• TNT analyst and former Rocket Kenny Smith is trying to organize an NBA all-star game with the proceeds benefiting victims of hurricane Katrina. He said big NBA names are interested, I hope he can pull it off. • Though next Thursday I’ll be subbing in for Henry over at True Hoops, posting some NBA news and opinions.|||112590105446321620|||Why Are You Reading This?